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2013 Spring Facility Operator/Excavators Meetings

2013 Facility Operator/Excavators Meetings (853 KB)

The South Dakota One Call Board and/or local utility companies will be conducting informative sessions to assist the excavation community in reducing damage to underground facilities and improving safety for excavation employees and the general public.  The sessions will be structured with a brief presentation by the One Call Board and/or other representatives with the purpose of developing a dialogue to insure effective and efficient excavation.  Most of the programs will be an hour in length, with ample time provided for discussion of items important to all attendees.

March 26  
10 a.m.
Holiday Inn
305 N. 27th St.

We would appreciate if you could ensure that this information is distributed to the operational personnel in your company that may be involved in the database management, ticket notification, marking of facilities and excavation activities near buried facilities.