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It’s Still Safe Digging Month

It’s Still Safe Digging Month One of the goals of Safe Digging Month is to dispel some of the misconceptions of unsafe digging practices that many consider safe.  Things like … If I’m just using hand tools, I don’t need … Continue reading

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Winter Excavation

During January, safety concerns turn to avoiding frostbite and the dangers of snowdrifts and icy roads.  But the dangers of damaging underground utility lines are an year round concern. Granted excavation slows during winter when the ground freezes, but it … Continue reading

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Beauty at its Best

South Dakota makes it look easy. What with the beautiful black hills, flora and wildlife. The wide open spaces and quiet terrain. The diversity. The people. But some things we simply cannot see; at least not right at first. Before … Continue reading

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Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! What started as a small idea to honor the working class, has since turned into a nationwide movement in which we pay tribute to the contributions that workers have made to our country. But where does Labor … Continue reading

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LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE Who wants to be a millionaire?   Well, that’s a silly question.  We all do.   And fifty people in Sioux Falls put their feet on the path this past weekend. The event I’m talking about was kind … Continue reading

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Winter is Coming

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, then you’re familiar with the line “Winter is coming.”  For that spectacular TV series, it sets into motion a series of events that ultimately include dragons, an army of the dead, spy/counterspy, … Continue reading

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TREATS, NOT TRICKS Halloween is upon us, and if you have kids who will be out – it’s not a time to relax your viligance. Safe Kids research, published at, has some frightening statistics. Did you know that only … Continue reading

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