Remember the ice bucket challenge a while back?   People shot video of themselves getting doused with ice and ice water and then challenged someone else to do it.  Money raised went to the ALS charity. (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis research)

Now there’s a new challenge making the rounds – the lip-synch challenge.  Police officers are among those making videos of themselves lip-synching to a song.

South Dakota is not immune from this latest craze.  The Rapid City police force took it upon themselves to record one.  You can see it here, on the www.keloland.com website.

While it’s doubtful anyone is going to win a Grammy for this effort,  it shows a shared spirit that’s good to see.

Kind of like the good you’ll do when you use 811, and pass it along.

If every person who uses South Dakota 811 would tell just five people about this service – just think how many more people we could educate on the importance and use of the 811 call before you dig system.

It’s a free call.  It’s a free locate.   What could be easier?

You can even use it as a conversation starter:

YOU:               Have you ever thought about those little colored flags  in the ground?

FRIEND:         No, not really.  I wonder what they mean?

YOU:               Oh, I can tell you!  And also why they’re important!

FRIEND:         Wow!  I’ll certainly use 811 the next time I do any digging!

See how easy it is?   Like the Ice Bucket and the Lip Synch challenge, just pass it along!

Letting people know about South Dakota 811 is not only the neighborly thing to do – it’s the right thing to do.

It’s so easy to pass 811 along.

You won’t get doused with ice, and no one will make a video of you – but you’ll still know you are doing the right thing.

Until next week, safe digging!

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