How about that?   First ever overtime game, largest come from behind victory in Super Bowl history and lest we forget, first quarterback to win five Super Bowl rings.   You can just call them Brady’s Bunch.

The Atlanta Falcons were certainly riding high at halftime.   But – that’s why they call it halftime.  There’s still another half to be played, and the Falcons certainly got played by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.  The Falcons appeared to have taken for granted that their halftime lead was insurmountable and nothing could happen.


We get the same thing sometimes at South Dakota 811.   “Oh, I know where those pipes are buried.”  “I remember when they put in those lines years ago, I can dig around them.”

Wrong again.

Just as the Falcons learned, you can never take anything for granted. That’s why it’s so important to call 811 before you dig.  All it takes is five minutes to speak with an agent on the phone, or enter your own locate request through the South Dakota 811 portal.    Within 48 hours, the locations of those buried lines are marked or flagged.  And remember, while getting a flag in a football game is a bad thing, getting a flag before you dig is a good thing!

While the quarterback provides communication to his offense about the play they are going to execute next, South Dakota 811 provides communication between excavators and underground facility operators so buried utilities can be marked in advance of any digging.

And just like Tom Brady following the playbook for that game winning two yard touchdown run, following the South Dakota 811 procedure works to reduce damages to underground infrastructure, helps to ensure public and worker safety, and protects the integrity of utility services.

And for you Falcons fans….well, the 2017 training camp starts in July.

Until next time, safe digging!


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