Almost Super



The teams are set.  The New England Patriots will square off against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI in Houston on February 5th.


This will be the second appearance in the big game by the Falcons.   They made it to the show 18 years ago but were beaten by the defending champion Denver Broncos.


For the Patriots, this is a record NINTH trip, and the 7th (also an individual coaching record) for coach Bill Belichick.  The Patriots to date have won four of those games.


The Patriots’ relentless advance to the upcoming Super Bowl is made all the more legendary because quarterback Tom Brady had to sit out the first four games of the current season for his role in the so-called “DeflateGate” scandal in the AFC championship game in January of 2015.


So there you have it.  Two teams, almost super.   One of them will go on to super fame in February.  The other – will go home.


What does it take to be super?  At South Dakota 811 we can give you some answers.










Each of those plays a role in making an organization super.   At South Dakota 811, we’re dedicated to providing our members and the public with the absolute best service, bar none.  Damage Prevention Agents who you talk with on the phone are graduates of an intensive training course, and are always being evaluated and updated.


Innovation plays a big role, too – from our proprietary GeoCall® software to our web portal for easier ticket submission.


Our people and our passion go hand in hand. Everyone at South Dakota 811 has a passion for doing things right and making the excavating world a safer place.


There are many more things that go into making an organization super, but you get the idea.  Super doesn’t just happen.  It’s a continuous process of improvement.   Our goal is to be super not on just one day, but every single day, 365 days a year.


Until next week, safe digging!

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