Beauty at its Best

South Dakota makes it look easy. What with the beautiful black hills, flora and wildlife.

The wide open spaces and quiet terrain.

The diversity. The people.

But some things we simply cannot see; at least not right at first. Before we dig, we cannot see buried infrastructure such as gas, electric, and communication lines. Or can we?

Getting lines marked out with flags and paint is free, and it greatly reduces the risk of damage and injury.  It’s also state law.

South Dakota 811 is here to help you see the unseen. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We ask that you let us know where you plan to dig within 48 hours.  Simply dial 811 or go online:

  • Click HERE to reach the Homeowner Portal
  • Professional excavators can request locates online HERE

Let’s stay ahead of the damages. Working together to keep our community safe is a beautiful thing.

Until next time, safe digging!

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