Olympic Success

Olympic Success

The Summer Olympics have come to a successful close, and the Tokyo Winter Olympics are now two years away.

It’s going to be difficult for Winter Team USA to match or beat the Rio medal total, though.   The USA walked out of Rio with a staggering 121 medals, 46 of them gold.   That’s 51 more overall medals than their closest rival, China.

The absolute stars for Team USA were the women’s gymnastics and the swim team.   Flying through the air or flashing through the water, they decimated their competition.

Fielding Olympic teams of this caliber isn’t easy or cheap – but then, if it was easy or cheap, everyone would do it.


That’s why South Dakota stands out in the field of 811 one call locating.

We train like Olympians.  Our commitment to safety and dedication to the public, our members and our industry are second to none.

Gold medal champions Simone Biles and Michael Phelps don’t rely on gimmicks to get the job done.   They know the cost of being a champion – and the cost of failure.

So do we.  And so do our members.

Until next week, safe digging!


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