Spreading the Word


Spreading the Word

                  Since we work in the 811 industry, we sometimes take for granted our own inside knowledge – but it’s knowledge that has to be shared with everyone for it to be really effective.

                  When you talk with a group of people about what you do – assuming you work within the 811 industry – without fail, and I mean WITHOUT FAIL, do you get blank stares from people who have never heard of 811?   911, they’ve got that covered.   Even 411.   But 811?   All you hear are crickets chirping.

                  This is bad enough when it’s the general public.  But sometimes it’s also people who dig for a living.  That’s really scary.

                  How do we continue to get the word out?   There’s all the social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn –

                  But that’s not enough.

                  It’s got to be a boots on the ground presence.

                  We work with the Common Ground Alliance to help promote 811 knowledge across the nation.

                  And yet….crickets.

                  Here’s a thought.  What if every single employee of every single national 811 member told ten people about 811 and why it’s important?

                  Don’t just assume that people know to call 811 before they dig.

                  Working together, throughout the entire industry, think of how many people we could reach?

                  Yes, there are still going to be crickets chirping – but maybe they’d be a little more quiet than they are now.

Until next week, safe digging!








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