To boldly go…


To Boldly Go…

                 It was 50 years ago this week that NBC premiered a new television series that went boldly where no network programming had gone before.  The show, of course, was Star Trek.   Though it only lasted three years in primetime, reruns went on, and on, and on – culminating in numerous spin off series and movies until the Federation became a part of our national DNA.   (Sorry, Star Wars fans)

                The crew of the starship USS Enterprise had all sorts of great gadgets to get them through their adventures.   It was the stuff of science fiction – but now, more and more, it’s becoming science fact.  For instance, your smart phone puts their communicator device to shame.

                Captain Kirk would have used a tricorder to “see” what was underground.  All you have to do is use your smart phone and dial in the South Dakota 811 mobile app!

                At warp speed, you’re connected to the power of South Dakota 811 – the power that lets you “see” underground.

                When he had problems, Captain Kirk depended on Mr. Scott, his miracle worker in engineering.

                At South Dakota 811, you can depend on our ombudsmen for fast answers to your questions.

                When Captain Kirk needed to contact Starfleet, he relied on Communications Officer Lieutenant Uhura.

                We don’t have Lieutenant Uhura here, but we do have plenty of skilled phone agents – and while none of them speak Klingon, over forty do speak Spanish.  (Fan note:  yes, I know Uhura did NOT speak Klingon)

                Finally, when Captain Kirk needed counsel, he was able to rely on his First Officer, Mr. Spock.

                Sorry, no Vulcans or pointy ears in our building – but we DO have a website that will help you go boldly forward, located at   Beam on over and check us out!

Until next week, safe digging! (And live long and prosper)

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