February 8, 2010

Meeting of the South Dakota One Call Notification Board
February 8, 2010 2:00 PM CST
Conference Call Call (605) 339-0529 Prior to the Conference Call for Call-In Instructions

Board Members: Bleau LaFave, Northwestern Energy, Chairman; Kurt Pfeifle, Mid-Dakota Rural Water System; Vice Chairman; Erin Hayes, Midcontinent Communications; Jerry Schroeder, Golden West Telecommunications; Todd Chambers, Watertown Municipal Utilities; Kevin Kouba, Otter Tail Power Co; Ed Anderson, SDREA; Doug Larson, Northern Border Pipeline; Dan Kaiser, Qwest; Eugene Solseth, Hills Septic Service; Terry Larson, Heavy Constructors;   Legal Counsel:  Kara Semmler   Executive Director: Larry Janes
General Public:  Larry Englerth (via teleconference)


  1. Call to Order and Roll Call
  2. Approval of Previous Minutes
    1. February 1, 2010 Board Conference Call Minutes
  3. Executive Director Report Items
    1. SB 125 Complaint to be filed within ninety days of discovery of the alleged violation.
    2. SB 125 Amendment to limit complaint filing to not later than ninety days after discovery, but no more than one year after discovery.
    3. SB 90 Bar Hole Legislation


Immediately following the Board Meeting, the Enforcement Committee will meet to discuss:

  1. OC09-010 Watertown Municipal Utilities vs. Grangaard Construction, Inc.
  2. OC09-011 Watertown Municipal Utilities vs. Grangaard Construction, Inc.