November 5, 2010a

South Dakota One Call Notification Board Meeting
November 5, 2010  8:00 AM CDT 
Ft. PierreSD

Board Members: Bleau LaFave, NorthWestern Energy, Chairman; Kurt Pfeifle, Mid-Dakota Rural Water System, Vice Chairman; Erin Hayes, Midcontinent Communications; Fay Jandreau, Midstate Communications; Todd Chambers, Watertown Municipal Utilities; Kevin Kouba, Otter Tail Power Co; Ed Anderson, SDREA; Doug Larson, Northern Border Pipeline; Dan Kaiser, Qwest Communications; Eugene Solseth, Hills Septic Service; Terry Larson, Heavy Constructors; Legal Counsel: Kara Semmler; Larry Englerth, Executive Director Support; Executive Director: Larry Janes

Agenda 1.      Call to Order and Roll Call2.      Approval of Meeting Agenda

3.      Approval of Previous Minutes
a.      September 29, 2010, Board Meeting Minutes

4.      Review and Approval of Financial Report
a.     Financial Summary
b.     Call Volume Trends

5.      Approval Items
a.       OC09-008 – SDN vs. Sharpe Enterprises – Order to Close
b.      OC10-004 – Northern Natural Gas vs. EarthScope – Order to Close
c.      Executive Director Support Contract

6.      Executive Director Report Items
a.      Final Report on One Call Center conversion
b.      Enforcement Complaint Issues
n        Status of Docket OC10-005 – NorthWestern Energy vs. Rexwinkle Concrete
n        Status of Docket OC10-006 – NorthWestern Energy vs. Scott Olson Digging, Inc.
     Status of Docket OC10-007 – NorthWestern Energy vs. Scott Olson Digging, Inc.
n        Status of Docket OC10-008 – NorthWestern Energy vs. Scott Olson Digging, Inc.
c.      Status of legal action against One Call Systems, Inc. or an affiliated party
d.      Status of Docket PS10-002 Filing by Commission Pipeline Safety Staff Regarding Damage Prevention Program
e.      Potential legislation
n        Discussion on modification to 49-7A-2 – Clarification on use of grant funds
n        Discussion on modification to 49-7A-2 — Reorganization