March 6, 2015, Agenda SD One Call Notification Board

South Dakota One Call Notification Board Meeting

March 6, 2015    1 p.m. CST; Noon MST
NorthWestern Energy
3010 W 69th St., Sioux Falls, SD

The conference number is 1-866-789-8824.  Passcode 644-5710 #.

Board Members: Erin Hayes, Representing Community Antenna Television Systems, Chairman; Dan Kaiser, Representing Telecommunication Companies Offering Local Exchange Service to More Than 50,000 Customers, Vice Chairman; Bleau LaFave, Representing Investor-Owned Natural Gas Utilities; Doug Larson, Representing Interstate Carriers of Gas or Petroleum; Ed Anderson, Representing Rural Electric Cooperatives; Eugene Solseth, Representing Excavation Contractors; Fay Jandreau, Representing Telecommunication Companies Offering Local Exchange Service to Less Than 50, 000 Customers; John Ward, Representing Excavation Contractors; Kevin Kouba, Representing Investor-Owned Electric Utilities; Kurt Pfeifle, Representing Rural Water Systems; Todd Chambers, Representing Municipalities; Legal Counsel: Kristen Edwards; Executive Director: Larry Janes.


  1. Call to Order and Roll Call
  2. Approval of Previous Minutes
    1. January 26, 2015, Board Meeting
  3. The Board appointed a three person committee, Kurt Pfeifle, Dough Larson, and John Ward, to review an addendum to the contract with Texas811 for the purpose of conducting training at the Spring Damage Prevention meetings in 2015 through 2018.

    Today shall the South Dakota One Call Board addend the current contract approved by the committee?

  4. The PUC currently maintains the South Dakota One Call website, but will no longer do so after June 30, 2015.

    Today shall the South Dakota One Call enter into a contract with Texas811 to manage the website and to and to make future changes as the need arises?

  5. Motion to adjourn.

Materials presented at this meeting are available by contacting the Executive Director in writing at or by calling (605) 339-0529