November 5, 2010 – 8 a.m. (Draft Circulated 11/15/10)


November 5, 2010, 8 AM Central Time

Chairman Bleau LaFave opened the South Dakota One Call Notification Board Meeting with the Call to Order and Roll Call at 8:00 AM, Central Daylight Savings Time, at the AmericInn, Ft. Pierre, SD.

Board Members in attendance: Bleau LaFave, Northwestern Energy, Chairman; Kurt Pfeifle, Mid-Dakota Rural Water System, Vice Chairman; Erin Hayes, Midcontinent Communications; Fay Jandreau, Midstate Communications; Todd Chambers, Watertown Municipal Utilities; Doug Larson, Northern Border Pipeline; Dan Kaiser, Qwest; Kevin Kouba, Otter Tail Power Co; Eugene Solseth, Hills Septic Service; Legal Counsel:  Kara Semmler;  Executive Director: Larry Janes.  Board Members Unavailable were: Ed Anderson, SD Rural Electric Association and Terry Larson, Heavy Constructors.

A motion was made by Kevin Kouba and seconded by Doug Larson to approve the meeting agenda.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.

A motion was made by Kurt Pfeifle and seconded by Dan Kaiser to approve the One Call Notification Board Minutes from the September 29, 2010 Board Call Meeting.   Motion carried by unanimous vote.

A Financial Summary for the period of July 2010 through October 2010  was reviewed.  A motion to approve the Report was made by Todd Chambers and seconded by Doug Larson.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Call volume trends were discussed.  The executive director will request this report to be delivered by KorPartners in the same format as previously received.

Kevin Kouba made a motion to issue an order close OC10-008 SDN vs. Sharpe Enterprises which has been settled between both parties.  Kurt Pfeifle seconded.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Dan Kaiser made a motion to issue an order to close OC10-004 Northern Natural Gas vs. Earthscope.  Kurt Pfeifle seconded.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Discussion was held regarding early termination of the contract with Larry Englerth, Executive Director Support.  No action was taken.

The Executive Director presented a detailed draft report on the events surrounding the failure of One Call Systems, the selection process in selecting the new vendor, KorPartners, the various pre-transition, post-transition, and remaining transition tasks that have been and continue to be undertaken to make for a successful transition without service interruption.

Discussion was held regarding the Enforcement Committee Recommendations recently taken on each of the following complaints:  OC10-005, NorthWestern Energy vs. Rexwinkle Concrete; OC10-006, NorthWestern Energy vs. Scott Olson Digging, Inc.; OC10-007, NorthWestern Energy vs. Scott Olson Digging, Inc.; and OC10-008, NorthWestern Energy vs. Scott Olson Digging, Inc.

No discussion was held regarding the filing by Commission Pipeline Safety Regarding Damage Prevention Program, Docket PS 10-002 due to the report not yet being available.

Discussion was held regarding the Attorney General Opinion request regarding the use of grant funds by the SD One Call Board.  The Office of the Attorney General had requested clarification as to whether or not the Board would like an opinion issued in this matter.  The Executive Director will request a response by the Office of the Attorney General.

Dan Kaiser made a motion to recess this meeting in order to move into the South Dakota One Call Board 10:30 am meeting.  Doug Larson seconded.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.

At the conclusion of the 10:30 am meeting, Chairman Bleau LaFave reconvened this meeting.

After discussion on modification to 49-7A-2 to reorganize the operation of the SD One Call Board Bleau LaFave suggested consideration to reorganize will be considered if after due diligence it is needed.  No time frame was set.

Being no further business Gene Solseth made a motion to adjourn.  Doug Larson seconded the motion.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Materials presented at this meeting are available by contacting the Executive Director in writing at or by calling (605) 339-0529.