November 4, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes


November 4, 2015 (Draft Circulated 11/16/15)



 November 4, 2015 – 8:00 AM Central Time    

Holiday Inn Express – Missouri Room

110 East Stanley Road, Ft. Pierre, SD


  1. Vice-Chairman John Ward opened the meeting with a Call to Order and Roll Call at 8:00 AM, Central Time.

Members in attendance:  Vice-Chairman John Ward, Representing Excavation Contractors; Fay Jandreau, Representing Telecommunication Companies Offering Local Exchange Service to Less Than 50, 000 Customers Kevin Kouba, Representing Investor-Owned Electric Utilities; Erin Hayes, Representing Community Antenna Television Systems; Todd Chambers, Representing Municipalities; Kurt Pfeifle, Representing Rural Water Systems.  Also in attendance: Adam de Hueck, Legal Counsel; Larry Janes, Executive Director.

Board members unable to attend: Chairman Dan Kaiser, Representing Telecommunication Companies Offering Local Exchange Service to More Than 50,000 Customers; Doug Larson, Representing Interstate Carriers of Gas or Petroleum; Bleau LaFave, Representing Investor-Owned Natural Gas Utilities; Ed Anderson, Representing Rural Electric Cooperatives; Eugene Solseth, Representing Excavation Contractors.

Other attendees included: Jon Rollins, Operations Manager, Texas811; Brett Koenecke. May, Adam, Gerdes & Thompson LLP; Margo Northrup, Riter, Rogers, Wattier & Northrup, LLP; Rich Coit, Executive Director and General Counsel, South Dakota Telephone Association; Mike Thorson, Locate/Marketing Manager, Summit Utility; Dave Hausman, South Dakota Department of Transportation; Levi Briggs, South Dakota Department of Transportation; Bronson Blow, South Dakota Department of Transportation.

2 a.   A motion was made by Kurt Pfeifle to approve the South Dakota One Call Notification Board Minutes of the November 19, 2015 One Call Board Meeting.  John Ward seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

3 The Financial Summary, including August 2015 through September 2015 expenditure details, was reviewed.  Fay Jandreau made a motion to approve the Financial Report.  Erin Hayes seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.


4 a.  Center Performance Results were reviewed.  Speed of Service was discussed and is currently within          contract guidelines.  Larry Janes mentioned Daily Ticket Totals, Average Call Handling Time, Speed of Answer, and Remote Usage is monitored through a daily report he receives from the Texas811 Center.

4 b.  Call Volume Trends from January 2015 through October 2015 were reviewed.  Incoming locate requests are at 127,105.  This is 3,414 higher than at this time last year.  Dispatched Tickets are at 724,809, which is lower than this time last year by 16,348 Tickets.  Electronic ticketing remains steady with 49% of all locate requests made through Portal electronic ticketing, with 18% of all requests requiring no intervention by Center personnel due to excavators mapping their work areas on the requests.

4c. Dispatched tickets by type were reviewed.

  1. MidAmerican Energy is considering re-introducing legislation to allow an exception to 49-7A-5, which would allow excavation before locates are completed during emergency situations. Today shall the Board support such legislation, and shall the Board work with MidAmerican Energy in drafting new language for this purpose?  Brett Koenecke discussed last year’s effort to introduce legislation. This is a union concern, due to the fact that in certain emergency situations employees could be forced to break the law by digging before all locates are completed.  The discussion centered around possible rules changes.  Rich Coit mentioned there is a liability concern also, so language should address this.  He also mentioned that misrepresentation of an Emergency is defined in law today.  Fay Jandreau mentioned that enforcement of statute and enforcement of rules is the same.  Brett Koenecke will work with rules language and provide that to the Board.  No action was taken by the Board.
  2. Executive Director Report Items
  3. Today shall the Board approve hosting a Legislative Breakfast on Thursday, February 11, 2016? Kevin Kouba so moved.  Kurt Pfeifle seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.
  4. Today, shall the South Dakota One Call sponsor the Digging Dangers Video for the 2016 Spring Damage Prevention Meetings?  Larry Janes said that pre-approval to sponsor this safety video has been obtained through the Office of the South Dakota State Auditor.  The length of each Spring Damage Prevention Meeting is being considered, but he requested approval from the Board prior to making a final decision to sponsor the video.  Kurt Pfeifle mad a motion to approve sponsoring this video.  Fay Jandreau seconded the motion.  Erin Hayes stated a decision whether or not to sponsor this should be made before doing so.  Larry Janes stated that that would be the case.  Motion carried unanimously.
  5. Robert Bishop, Flagshooter, has offered an opportunity to promote South Dakota 811 during the             airing of “Hunting in the Sticks” on the Midco Sports Network.  Today, shall the Board pursue             entering into this advertising proposal?  Todd Chambers mentioned that the audience was not our focus group and stated that he did not wish to authorize this expenditure.  Fay Jandreau stated that he felt this would be promoting one product (Flagshooter) over another, which we should not do.  It was also mentioned that there would be no way to measure the results.  Consensus of the Board was to not approve this expenditure.
  6. General Discussion:
  7. Discussion with Dave Hausman, South Dakota Department Of Transportation regarding multiple Re-spots, Verification Tickets, Length of Project Tickets, etc. Mr. Hausman discussed these topics with the

Board and mentioned that he will work the Executive Director of SD One Call as the 2016 SDDOT Operational Plan is developed.  He requested that he be notified when SDDOT excavators are not requesting locate tickets or when other One Call concerns arise.  Erin Hayes mentioned the “Target Zero” process that Midcontinent Communications uses with its contractors.  Todd Chambers mentioned that contractors sometime request multiple tickets knowing they can’t be completed within 21 days.  John Ward stated that with multiple crews this has to be done, so they don’t run out of work.  They need to keep their crews busy.

  1. SDREA Manager’s Meeting discussion: White lining, Large tickets, Updates, Re-spots. Ed Larson and Larry Janes attended the SDREA Manager’s Meeting in Pierre on October 14th.  The items listed came up during and subsequent to that meeting.  Discussion today centered on the concerns raised by Southeastern Electric Co-op regarding multiple re-spots on locate tickets, excavators not preserving the locate marks and the costs associated with multiple Update tickets.  The pros of mandatory white lining were also discussed along with the difficulties for excavators associated with this being mandatory.  Also updates of lengthy tickets were mentioned.  When only a short section needs to be updated or re-spotted, then a new Routine locate should be requested with the precise area to be marked noted on the request.  The Board agreed that much of the “fix” to these issues needs to be in the form of communication between members and excavators to reduce unnecessary locate tickets and the associated costs.
  2. White lining discussion with Mike Thorson, Locating/Marketing Manager, Summit Utility Locating. Mr. Thorson would like the Board to consider making white lining mandatory.   He stated that white lining causes less confusion for locators.  White lining is mandatory in Minnesota.  In certain situations, when white lining is not feasible, a meet with the utility companies has to occur.  Joh Ward stated that discussion with the AGC would need to occur to get their take on this suggestion, before the Board could act.

The following dates were discussed briefly.

  1. The 91st South Dakota Legislative Session will occur from January 12, 2016 through March 29, 2016.
  2. February Board Meeting – Wednesday, February 10, 2015.

f.. Legislative Breakfast – Thursday, February 11, 2016.

  1. Texas811 Damage Prevention Summit will be held in San Marcos, Texas – February 22 – 24th , 2016.
  2. Common Ground Alliance Conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada – March 7th – 10th, 2016.
  3. May Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 18, 2016.
  4. August Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 17, 2016.
  5. Other discussion. There was no further discussion.
  6. There being no further business a motion to adjourn was called. Tod Chambers so moved.  Kurt Pfeifle seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.




Minutes of this meeting were prepared by Larry Janes, Executive Director, South Dakota One Call

Notification Board.  For information about South Dakota One Call/South Dakota 811, please visit . Materials presented at this meeting are available by contacting the Executive

Director in writing at, or by calling (605) 339-0529.