The year just seems to be racing past.  We’ve finished the first week of May, basketball and hockey playoffs are in full swing and baseball is well under way.

Our next holiday is almost upon us, too – Memorial Day.   It will fall on Monday, May 29th this year.

Did you know that Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day?   It got its origin a few years after the Civil War, and was then, as it is now, a day to honor American war dead.   You can get more information on Memorial Day here:

A new piece of Memorial architecture is planned for Mitchell, South Dakota.    The six foot by five foot wall could have as many as 75 names on it of veterans from the Mitchell area who have been killed in action over the years.   You can read about the planned memorial here:

Work like this planned piece requires a very solid footing.   It’s not like standing up a Halloween or holiday decoration in your front yard.   A foundation base will have to be excavated, soil samples made, etc. to erect the monument.   The structure is expected to cost around $11,000 and will be a focal point of the revamped park area project totaling over $300,000.

Brad Ciavarella is the owner and principle architect at Ciavarella Design Architects in Mitchell who are doing the memorial design work.  He says this won’t be the first time his firm has been involved with South Dakota One Call.

“Anytime you have a structure like this, free standing or not, getting the foundation down is the most important thing.  Calling 811 first gets lines located and lets us have a clear field when the dirt actually begins moving.”

Of course, it’s not just the professionals who should use South Dakota One Call.   Homeowners, farmers, ranchers – anyone breaking ground in South Dakota for a project – should call 48 hours in advance of their work to get those underground utilities located.  The call is free, and so is the subsequent locating service.

Find out more at

The full veteran’s park should be completed by mid-August.

Until next week, safe digging!

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