Gambling and gaming has been part of Deadwood’s lore since the town’s founding in 1876.  It was finally made legal in 1989, and it’s been a pretty good source of income.

Last month, though, slots were off by 6 percent and table gaming fell 12 percent from a year ago February.   The story is here:

So it appears that nothing is a sure bet – unless it’s calling South Dakota 811!

One free call to 811 gets professional underground utility locators out to your jobsite to find and locate those underground utilities.  In fact, having a job marked by 811 before digging cuts the odds of hitting something you shouldn’t to about one percent.

Any professional gambler would love that kind of certainty!

Calling 811 before you dig is key to damage prevention.  The 811 request and subsequent line locating play a big part in workplace safety.  There is no need at all to gamble on your life or the lives of your coworkers by not calling 811.

A big gambler from Deadwood’s past was Wild Bill Hickock.   In fact, he was playing poker when he was shot from behind and killed in 1876.    Wild Bill’s last hand held two pairs, aces and eights – not bad, but a call to 811 would have given him MUCH better odds!   Did you know that having utilities marked before a dig reduces the chance of damages to about one percent?

Utility marking and locating make for a safe dig.  Your 811 request will be fulfilled within 48 hours.  Ok, we admit, it may not be as sexy as a slot machine, but the payoff is always going to be better workplace safety and damage prevention.

Don’t take a chance, and don’t gamble that you know what’s below.

Call us at South Dakota 811 and know for sure.

Until next week, safe digging!

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