OC14-031 – In the Matter of the Complaint Filed by CenturyLink, Rapid City, South Dakota, Against Salzsieder Construction, Spearfish, South Dakota, for an Incident Occurring on August 25, 2014,
at the Alley between Oliver and Ames North of St. Joe, Spearfish, S.D.

Date Filed: 10/09/14 ♦ Closed: 12/17/15♦

May 14, 2015, Corrected Agenda SD One Call Notification Board
February 24, 2015, Amended Agenda SD One Call Notification Board CANCELLED
November 25, 2014, Agenda of Enforcement Panel

May 14, 2015 (Draft Circulated 05/18/15)
November 25, 2014, Minutes of Enforcement Panel Call


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