Damage Prevention is Like a Seed

You can’t plant a seed, walk away and expect to have a healthy plant.  It’s the same with Damage Prevention.  You can’t talk about it once or twice and expect a robust Damage Prevention program to be the result.  They both need to be nurtured  continuously.

Now that National Safe Digging Month is over, we can’t ignore the Damage Prevention message until next April.  If we want safe digging practices to become the norm, we need to continuously reinforce the Damage Prevention message.  Will you help?

One of the ways South Dakota 811 is continuously supporting Damage Prevention is by developing quarterly newsletters so we can provide in-depth messaging to our utility operators and professional excavators.  You’ll only receive these newsletters if you subscribe.  The subscription is free, but Spam regulations say we can’t send you the newsletter if you don’t ask for it.

It will take less than a minute, will you help?

To receive the newsletter for utility operators, please click HERE.

To receive the newsletter for professional excavators, please click HERE.

Feel free to subscribe to both newsletters if you want.

Until next time, dig safely.

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