A recent story in the Rapid City Journal says that tech-saavy young millenial drivers are the most unsafe, according to the American Automobile Association.

“In a report released this month by AAA, young millennial drivers were found to engage in the riskiest driving behavior of any age group, with 88 percent of 19- to 24-year-olds admitting they had exhibited at least one risky driving behavior in the past 30 days, such as speeding, running red lights or using a cellphone while driving. The report was based on a survey of 2,511 licensed drivers ages 16 and older.”

You can read the full story here in the Rapid City Journal on-line edition:

Many of the complaints centered around using a cell phone while driving – something you should never do.  Find a place to pull off the road – a parking lot for instance – and catch up on what you need to do.   Many drivers now use a Bluetooth connection for hands free talking on the phone, including dialing up the number; still, that means paying attention to your driving.

South Dakota One Call welcomes your calls for underground utility locate requests.  However, we would prefer it if you made them from a non-moving vehicle!   The same goes for logging onto our portal from your smart phone.  Please don’t do this from a moving vehicle.

A report last week by the National Safety Council showed the number of motor vehicle deaths in 2016 in the United States was 40,200, a 6 percent increase from 2015. In 2015, U.S. traffic deaths rose more than 7 percent, the largest single-year increase in more than 50 years, according to AAA.

South Dakota, on the other hand, had just 116 traffic fatalities in 2016, a decrease of 13 percent from 133 fatalities in 2015.

At South Dakota One Call, we want to keep that ball rolling.   Here’s information from the South Dakota Department of Public Safety.

“In South Dakota, the use of handheld electronic wireless communication device for text-based communication on highways is prohibited. Among the exceptions is when the driver is contacting any emergency public safety answering point or dispatch center. Violation of the law is a secondary, petty offense.

“The Department of Public Safety, including its individual agencies of the Office of Highway Safety and the Highway Patrol, have made distracted driving a priority safety issue. Officials have used promotional and educational efforts as ways to remind drivers not to get distracted by cell phones and other devices, not to drink and drive and always use a seatbelt.”

To all of which we agree. We want you to continue to use 811 for damage prevention!   Just call 811 or log onto the South Dakota One Call site at for more information.   It’s a free service, and getting those underground utilities located prior to a dig is also free.  Why wouldn’t you call?

Just not from a moving vehicle, please!


Until next time, safe digging!

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