Ok, we live in South Dakota. We have a pretty clear idea that suntan oil is not needed in January. Snow in your boots is a pain, and just like that kid in the movie, you really shouldn’t stick your tongue onto a steel pole.

And yet….there’s not much to take solace in when new record lows include Pierre at 25 below, Huron at 31 below, Mobridge at 30 below and Rapid City at 21 below.

While we’ve got a bit of a warm up going right now, the temperatures are expected to plunge again this coming weekend. Don’t bother getting your golf clubs out.

A big casino over in Iowa experienced frozen/burst pipes earlier this month.

Car and truck batteries are revolting against the cold weather. (Sorry about the pun)

It’s so cold I saw an ice cube wearing a parka.

Since South Dakota’s population grew by 0.9 percent between July of 2016 and July of 2017 – according to statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau –   as a public service we’d like to offer these tips on surviving the cold weather. (See last week’s blog for information on safe driving in cold weather)

From the website https://theplanetd.com

  1. Wear a base layer preferably of wool
  2. Wear a mid-layer of fleece
  3. Make sure your outer layer is windproof and waterproof
  4. Wear at least two pairs of warm and waterproof socks.
  5. Wear waterproof winter boots
  6. Hat and scarf, cover your ears and neck
  7. Warm gloves
  8. Gaiters – waterproof boot leggings that keep your lower pants dry and snow out of your boots.

Believe it or not, spring is on its way.  (Don’t worry, it just stopped for coffee somewhere) When it does arrive, you want to be in great shape to start those projects you’ve been thinking about – and of course you’re going to need unfrozen fingers to dial us at 811!  Remember, call 811 for your underground damage prevention EVERY TIME!  No matter what the temperature is, safe digging starts with you.

Until next time, stay warm and safe digging!

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