Did you know that June is National Safety Month?  As far as we’re concerned at South Dakota 811, every month is National Safety Month. Our goal is damage prevention and making sure everyone goes home safe at the end of a day of construction and excavating around South Dakota’s buried infrastructure of utilities.

It’s easy enough to do by reaching us at 811.  Reaching our one-call center that’s open 24/7/365 is as easy as dialing those three numbers.  Or reaching us online here.  Either way, it’s easy, free, and the law.

We can’t emphasize enough that a call to 811 to get buried infrastructure located and marked prior to a dig reduces the chances of an incident to less than one percent.

While we’re primarily concerned with what’s below ground, we also are fierce believers in safety above ground, too.

Here’s what the National Safety Council (NSC) has to say about National Safety Month.

“Observed annually in June, National Safety Month focuses on reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road and in our homes and communities…NSC remains focused on saving lives and preventing injuries, including raising public awareness of the opioid epidemic, helping to reduce motor vehicle crashes and improving safety practices in workplaces all across the country.”

Maybe you think being safe is expensive.  We’d gently remind you that our 811 service is free – and the NSC provides free resources to you as well.

Go to the NSC website, then look for the link that says “Get Your National Safety Month Materials.”

You’ll find a bonanza of safety tips in both English and Spanish, as well as information-packed articles and a graphic you are free to use on your own social media sites.

Of course, there’s much more than that, so go and explore!

And, oh, yes, please remember to call us at South Dakota 811 before you dig.

Until next week, safe digging!

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