Excavator Responsibilities

Over the years, even very experienced workers tend to forget some of the basics they learned in the beginning of their careers.  This week’s blog is a refresher on excavator responsibilities.

Each excavator, including each subcontractor, is responsible for:

  • Requesting the one-call notification, it is not your customer’s responsibility.
  • Immediately reporting damage or exposure of any underground utility to South Dakota 811 and the operator of that facility. If a gas line has been hit or damaged, you must also call 911.
  • Knowing and following the 18” tolerance zones from the outside edge of facilities. Use only hand tools, air cutting, water cutting, or vacuum excavation within the tolerance zone until the underground lines have been exposed.
  • Retaining the locate ticket number until the project has been completed.
  • Requesting a line locate at least two business days, excluding weekends and holidays, before beginning work.
  • Providing accurate driving directions with distances and cardinal directions (North, South, East, West) when working in rural areas.
  • Providing TRSQ (Township, Range, Section and Quarter) and GPS coordinates when available.
  • Confirming the response of the notified utilities before proceeding with any excavation.
  • Notifying South Dakota 811 after determining that one or more utilities have not responded to a locate request and requesting a Verification ticket for only the specific companies that have not responded.
  • Looking for utility signage at your work site and obeying instructions on the signs.
  • Following safe digging practices and maintaining equipment condition to ensure safety standards.
  • And, excavators, please remember to remove all flags when the work is complete.

How many are you still practicing regularly?

Visit www.SD811.com for additional information.

Until next week, dig safely.

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