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Operations Manual – 2019


49-7A-12. If any underground facility is damaged, dislocated, or disturbed in advance of or during excavation work, the excavator shall immediately notify the one-call notification center and, if known, the operator of the facility of the damage, dislocation, or disturbance. No excavator may conceal or attempt to conceal any damage, dislocation, or disturbance, nor may that excavator attempt to make any repair to the facility unless authorized by the operator of the facility. If the damage, dislocation, or disturbance results in the escape of any flammable, toxic, or corrosive gas or liquid, the excavator shall immediately report the escape to the authorities by calling the 911 emergency telephone number and notifying the one-call notification center and, if known, the operator of the facility.

This manual will assist the facility operators and excavators in meeting the requirements of South Dakota Law Chapter 49-7A and Administrative Rules Article 20:25.

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GAS OPERATORSSouth Dakota 811 is requesting gas companies to report all gas damages caused by excavation to the Damage Reporting Portal.  This can be found at https://sddr.southdakota811.com/  Your South Dakota 811 Portal account login can be used to access the Portal.  If you do not have an account, please contact training@sd811.com  to request a login.

Electronic Ticket Entry and Ticket Search
Portal, formerly known as E-Tickets, GeoRemote, and Ticket Search, is the new web-based one-stop shop to easily enter tickets electronically and map the work area or to search for locate tickets. Portal is available NOW for all professional excavators. This is the same mapping system used by the South Dakota One Call Center and will  allow you to quickly and easily process locate requests online. All it takes is a short training session. Contact training@sd811.com to request a short demo and for other electronic ticketing assistance. Once trained, log onto the Portal at https://sdgc.southdakota811.com/geocall/portal and click “SIGNUP” in the upper right-hand corner to register for a Portal account. This will allow you to submit your locates directly to the contact center. No more waiting for tickets. They will be processed and instantly emailed back to you. It’s quick and easy to use. Try it. You’ll be glad you did.

View a short video about using the South Dakota 811 Portal.

South Dakota 811 makes every attempt to ensure registering your underground facilities is as effortless as possible.  We offer a variety of methods for database submissions.  These formats, along with detailed instructions and requirements for updates are included on the Database Submission Form.  Safety and damage prevention are a top priority at South Dakota 811, therefore we encourage our members to update as frequently as necessary.   Click on the links below to for a copy of our Database Submission form and an instructional document provided for updates via Google Earth.  For additional questions, please contact GIS:
Email: GISmail@SD811.com

Viewing and creating KMZ or KML files

Database Submission/Change Request Form

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