So here we are in the last week of Safe Digging Month.  Hope you’ve done your part to keep our underground infrastructure safe!   It’s so easy to reach South Dakota 811.  Just dial 811!   Or visit our webpage, for more information.  Nothing could be easier.

Of course, South Dakotans sometimes take things to extremes that we really shouldn’t.

In Sioux Falls recently, police say a 56-year-old man ran into a burning building twice, despite orders from police and firefighters for him to stop.

Rescuing children?  Pets?  Wedding photographs?  His aged grandmother confined to a wheelchair?

Nope.  When he came back out, police said that he was carrying two cans of Bud Ice beer.

No kidding.  You can read the story here:

No doubt there are a lot of things you’d run back into a burning building for, but two cans of beer shouldn’t be on the list.

It’s about priorities.   And your first priority before you begin ANY excavation project should be to get in touch with 811.  We’ll get all the information needed in one easy five minute or less call to help ensure that your underground utilities are flagged or marked prior to your dig.

Seriously, nothing could be easier than using 811.

Your utilities will thank you for it, your boss will thank you for it, your insurer will thank you for it, and your emergency responders will thank you for it.

Because, you know, they have to keep an eye on the rocket scientists running into burning buildings to retrieve a couple of cans of beer.

Until next week, safe digging!





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