Projects that require contacting South Dakota 811 include
  • Landscaping or Planting
  • Installing a
  • Building or Repairing a Fence
  • Building a
    Patio or Deck
any project that requires earth to be disturbed.

5 Easy Steps to Keep You Safe on Your Next Project.

Step 1

Contact South Dakota 811 at least two-business days before you dig

If you’re doing the work yourself, please request a ticket. If you’re hiring someone to do the work for you, they must contact South Dakota 811.

Step 2

Locate private lines

An electric line running to a shed or greenhouse, or a gas line for an outdoor grill are examples of private lines.

Private lines are not located by the utility companies because they do not know where they are.

If there are private lines on your property, you should indicate or mark their location before digging. Most plumbers and electricians are able to identify and locate private lines.

Step 3

Wait for the locators to completely mark your underground utilities

Work (or excavation) cannot begin until the start date and time of your locate ticket. Prior to starting, you should verify all utilities have responded. If needed, please contact the 811 center to request a verification ticket.

The list of utility companies notified is on the bottom of your ticket

View Color Codes to Identify Locator Marks

Step 4

Dig with care

Any digging within 18” of the locators’ marks should be with hand tools only (no power tools), until you can see the exact location of the underground utility.

If you dig outside of the originally requested work area, you must request a new ticket to locate this additional area.

Step 5

Report any damages to underground utilities

Report damages, dislocation or disturbance of underground facilities to South Dakota 811 and the utility company, if known.

Immediately report escape of flammable, toxic or corrosive gas or liquid to 911, South Dakota 811, and the utility company, if known.

Do not attempt to repair any nicked or hit utility line.