Just Like Clockwork



I was fortunate enough recently to take in a Cirque du Soleil show.   If you’ve never seen one, take advantage of it the next time they are in Sioux Falls!

The shows defy description – the costumes, the makeup, and of course the performers who do such acrobatic things with their bodies that you expect SpiderMan to come swinging in from the rafters at any moment.

And believe me, old Spidey would be completely outclassed by the performers under the big top.

Watching this show, I was struck by how precisely and perfectly coordinated every move is – no wasted effort anywhere.

It’s kind of like what you get when you call 811.  Our Damage Prevention Agents take your call and go through a very precise list of questions with you.  The ultimate goal of this q/a session is to leave no stone unturned before the information is turned over to the relevant utilities that have buried infrastructure in your dig area.

The next step in the link is notifying said utilities.  That happens immediately.  The utilities then have 48 hours to get out and mark or flag the location of their pipes and cables.   Weekends and holidays are excepted.  A call at two pm on Friday has a deadline of two pm the following Tuesday.   A call at two pm on Monday has a deadline of two pm on Wednesday.

Line locators show up to find and flag what’s underground.  The colors of the paint or flag denote the kind of line that’s buried beneath.   Here’s a look at what those colors mean:  http://www.sdonecall.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/SD-color-code.jpg

Finally, this clockwork movement circles back around to you.   But before you put that backhoe into the ground, use a shovel and hand dig carefully down to expose the lines below.  Then, exercise care and caution when using your mechanized equipment.  Respect the dig, don’t be in a rush, and before you know it you’re done and ready for your next job.

You’re not a high-flying acrobatic performer and there’s no need for you to do your job without a safety net – you have one!

Always call South Dakota 811 before you dig!

Until next week, safe digging!

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