On Your Mark

When it comes to safety, the difference is in the details.

Crucial marks on the ground can depend on the accuracy of work site information provided to those in the field.

The men and women who locate underground utilities face challenges. They are in the elements, travelling and working in a variety of weather conditions. Their duties lead them to busy intersections, new subdivisions, and wide open land. They traverse fences to find what they’re looking for. The answer to the high call for damage prevention and public safety can take you anywhere, really.

Poor work site information would be unwelcomed challenge, and one that can affect safety. However, there’s many ways to provide great information to those in the field!

Describing the dig site at an address eliminates confusion. Driving directions and GPS coordinates can save precious time; especially for areas that are rural, newly developed or difficult to find. Pre-marking the area with white paint or flags provides an on-site visual for work areas that may be hard to describe. And in an industry that is rooted in communication, the best contact information should always be provided.

Step one is hearing from you, and we look forward to it! To process a free locate request before you dig, simply dial 811 to speak with a live agent or you can visit us online. Homeowners can click HERE to reach the Homeowner Portal. Professional excavators can request locates online HERE.

Good work site information means better efficiency and safety for all.

Until next time, safe digging!

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