Love is in the air in South Dakota!   Well, to be fair, it’s actually everywhere, since Valentine’s Day is Wednesday.  While we like to think of it in terms of cards, flowers and chocolates, it’s also a nice dollar bonanza for local merchants.

According to downtown Sioux Falls Vice President Brienne Maner, February 14th can be good for business, but it takes some creativity to draw people out in the weather.

To help get the word out, they showcased some Valentine downtown events on the Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc. website – here’s a link to the page.

You can read the entire story about this heart-to-heart mission here:

Whether it’s getting people to shop downtown Sioux Falls in frigid February, or getting people to call 811 before they dig, it’s all the same:  it requires getting the word out and letting people know you’re open for business.

At South Dakota 811, we’re always open for business.  Use South Dakota 811 to locate underground utilities before you dig. Excavators planning to dig, drill or trench should make the required locate request to South Dakota 811 two working days before the planned work. Homeowners and landowners planning their own excavation activities are required to notify South Dakota 811 as well.  The call to 811 is free, as is the subsequent locating.

Don’t want to pick up a phone?  Contact us through the web portal or mobile app.   All the information is right here:

Remember, by contacting 811 before you dig, you’re sending a special Valentine to everyone in South Dakota that you value damage prevention and workplace safety.

Make sure those underground utilities are marked before you dig – and treat yourself to some downtown Sioux Falls store-bought candy and cards!

 Until next week, safe digging!

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