Quick quiz – what are signs used for?

Well, a lot of things, but the primary driver behind any sign is information.  Choosing a sign that says “Sioux Falls, next exit” won’t work very well when you’re trying to drive to Los Angeles.

Ignoring signs can be bad, too.  It can be either text – beware of dog – or something as simple as a color, like red, which generally means stop when seen on a traffic light.

That’s something police say the driver of a semi rig didn’t do in Sioux Falls recently.

The resulting mishap took out several vehicles as well as a wall.   Fortunately no one was seriously injured.   You can read the whole story here:

Here at South Dakota 811, we contact utilities on your behalf to let them know where to put signs that there are underground utilities located close by.  The 811 call before you dig system brings out underground utility locating services to ensure that you enjoy workplace safety on the dig site.  However, damage prevention depends on you obeying those markers in the ground.

Just like a red light on a traffic signal means stop, those multi-colored flags in the ground mean whoa, Nelly!   Take care here and hand dig down until you expose those buried underground utilities.  The flag marks the approximate location of a line, and never tells you how deep that line may be under the ground.

Professional excavators know that utility marking is the first step toward damage prevention.

South Dakota 811 requests that everyone make the free call to 811 before you dig.  Your 811 request will result in signs that are easily read, and are paramount in overall underground damage prevention.

Until next time, safe digging!

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