Signs come in many shapes and sizes, and all of them are designed to get your attention.  Take for example this piece of art work, cobbled together for use in South Dakota to warn motorists to slow down in highway work zones:

That’s pretty memorable!   While Mr. Road Cone man may give you a smile, there are other signs you need to pay attention to as well, like these:

Caution – danger – call 811 before you dig.   At South Dakota 811, we’re in the damage prevention business.   That means for underground utilities, and for you. ANYTIME you are going to dig in our state, make the free call to 811 to get underground utility locators out to your work area to flag the location of buried infrastructure.  It’s a free call and a free service.

Making that 811 request before you dig reduces your chances of hitting something to less than one percent – and that’s important enough for its own sign!

Until next week, safe digging!



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