It’s spring time, the sun is finally coming out, and the crack of the bat with the Sioux Falls Canaries isn’t far away!

Another reminder of the change in the weather are the orange cones sprouting like mushrooms along the Sioux Falls East Arrowhead Parkway construction zone in a big call 811 before you dig project.

The second phase of this major re-do will finally provide six lanes from Sycamore to Highline Avenue.

Helping to make the project run smoothly is knowing what’s below, thanks to South Dakota 811.

A major event like this requires a big effort on the part of underground utility locators to get the roadway marked and flagged for the rebuild. Before excavation could begin, a call to 811 helped to get the project rolling.

It may sound odd to talk about damage prevention when a road is being torn up – but that’s exactly what’s needed.  Workplace safety requires knowledge of what’s down below.  Hitting a gas line, electrical conduit, or anything else will just slow down the project work schedule and could quite possibly lead to injuries or death.

The call to 811 let all utilities in the vicinity of this big dig know they had to send out their utility locating services to get those flags in the ground.

Excavators can do their job safely and efficiently with the knowledge that underground utilities may be out of sight – but are never out of mind.

Commuters know that the project won’t be slowed down by completely unnecessary stops to repair damaged underground infrastructure.

And in the end, the taxpayers will save money because of the work done by the 811 system before the first ground was broken.

So until the project is finished, get an audio book to listen to on your way to and from work.

And always remember to call 811 first!
Until next week, safe digging!

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