That last bit of snow over the weekend was fun, wasn’t it?   Everybody raise your hands!

March apparently wasn’t done with us, dumping at least a half foot of snow on the ground in some places.  Brookings is estimated to have gotten six inches, while another three fell on Sioux Falls.

While it does seem that winter will never end, I can assure you that brighter days are coming.

So – in promise of those brighter days, ignore the late snow and pay attention!

It’s the time of year when South Dakotans are thinking about outside activities.   Home and garden shows are thriving, your local nursery has a gazillion plants on sale, and every empty flower pot you own is begging for a new resident.

At South Dakota One Call, we say good for you!   And – bonus points – planting in a flower pot does NOT require a call to 811 first!


If you are going full out landscaping and tearing up the yard, PLEASE do make the free call to 811.   Don’t go digging up trouble.   Nothing puts the hex on a beautiful spring like cutting through a fiber optic cable or nicking a gas line.  One simple call, and within 48 hours underground utilities are flagged so you know what’s below.

No doubt you’ve already seen the tiny marker flags sprouting all over South Dakota (until the snow buried them) as builders and contractors began throwing dirt.  That means calls to 811 have been made to ensure safe digging with no nasty surprises – and if the professional excavators make the call, that’s all the more reason that weekend warriors should, too!

Because while late season snows may be upsetting, damaging an underground utility line or cable will REALLY give you something to cry about!

Until next week, safe digging!

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