It’s only March, but you can get that first whiff of spring in the air – and that means your Sioux Falls Canaries will soon be back in action on the baseball diamond!  The first game is set for May 18th against the Sioux City Explorers.

Baseball heralds the arrival of warmer weather – and in South Dakota, warmer weather heralds the arrival of excavation season.  At South Dakota One Call, we want you to have a great season with no errors, so when you get up to bat on your digging project, make sure you put that call into the bullpen:  811!

811 is your ace pitcher, your ace closer, your utility infielder, your RBI champion!

Before too long, you’ll see multi-colored utility locator flags popping up out of the ground like so many flowers.  Do you know what they mean?  Here’s the American Public Works Association color code chart for buried utilities.  Like a catcher’s hand signals to the pitcher, every color has a meaning.

Using South Dakota One Call is easier than standing in the 7th inning stretch!   Call us at 811, visit us online at  or use one of our mobile apps. Excavators planning to dig, drill or trench should make the required locate request to South Dakota 811 two working days before the planned work. Homeowners and landowners planning their own excavation activities are required to notify South Dakota 811 as well.

Also, just as baseball has winter meetings, we are having our spring damage prevention meetings for professional excavators and facility operators!   You can get more information, locations and times here:

When the Canaries throw out that first pitch, you know you’ll be cheering them on – and you’ll be enjoying the game even more because you know you’re doing your part to keep South Dakota’s underground infrastructure safe by calling 811!

Until next time, safe digging!

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