It was just a year ago that the last company known to be making brand new VHS machines produced its final one.  The format that had dominated home video for decades had at last reached the end of the line, literally.  Even before that last video cassette recorder/player came out of the factory, though, the lights were clearly going out for VHS.  Blockbuster, once the nation’s largest video rental store, had already hit the skids as more people gravitated to on-demand streaming.  Rival Netflix was able to turn their business around from mail rental to online rental and on-demand movies and TV shows.

I say all of this because there were a few stragglers to hang on to the bitter end, as there always are.  I just read that one of them, a very large and very old video rental store in Dallas, shut its doors a couple of months ago.  Premiere Video’s 5,000 square foot location housed close to 25,000 titles, and had been in business since 1984.  Their video collection was home to many rare films and absolute diamonds, as well as the usual mainstream fare.

As far as anyone can ascertain, Premiere was the very last video rental store alive in the nation’s 9th largest city.

But new technology put an end to it.   Technology is always advancing, and if you aren’t staying out in front of it, it will put an end to you, too.

That’s why all of us at South Dakota One Call work so hard to keep making 811 easier for you to use.  Find us through our website, or come in through the portal at or use the smart phone app at

And while you don’t have to hand crank a phone anymore to get an operator, you can still reach us through the phone at the number 811. If you need additional assistance, no need to send us a letter (remember those?  They had a stamp on the envelope and you mailed them)   Just email us at

No matter what happens in the future, the need to call 811 to get those underground utilities located prior to a dig isn’t going to go away.   And while we can’t guess how you’ll get in touch with us 30 years from now, we can tell you that our service will be there for you, 24/7/365.

Because while movie formats may change from Beta to VHS to Videodisc to LaserDisc to DVD to Blu-Ray to online streaming, digging a hole in the ground still requires knowing what’s down there before digging that hole in the ground.


Until next week, safe digging!

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