There’s a Process for That

South Dakota Codified Law 49-7A provides civil penalties for failure to comply with the statute or with South Dakota Administrative Rules.  The statute and rules are available for review.

The South Dakota One-Call Board encourages parties involved to discuss and resolve as many issues as possible without the penalty process.  When resolutions cannot be reached, the following process is available to either party.

Forms are available to anyone that wishes to file a complaint or respond to a complaint alleging violations of the excavation laws.  There are several methods available.

Complaints and replies may be filed electronically. Choose the appropriate form either online complaint or online reply.  The South Dakota One-Call Board prefers electronic filing.

You may also file a complaint or reply to a complaint by using US mail to: South Dakota One-Call Notification Board, PO Box 157, Rapid City, SD 57709.  Please remember to include details of the incident and copies of locate tickets and other pertinent information to support your claim or provide your defense.

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