You Can Count on Us!

You can count on South Dakota 811 having your back 24/7/365.  We’re here to protect excavators, property owners and the general public from the dangers of accidental damage to underground utility lines.  We’re here through rain, sleet and snow.  We’re here on holidays and we don’t take vacations.  Whenever you need underground lines marked before excavating, we’ll be here.

We are a safety net protecting utilities and the communities.

You can speak with a live agent by dialing 811.  If you prefer, simply enter your requests online.  Homeowners can click HERE to reach the Homeowner Portal.  Professional excavators can request locates online HERE.

Remember, do not dig before the work date and time on the locate ticket, which is 48 hours from the time the locate is requested, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.

Until next week, safe digging.

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