Facility Operator Forms

The forms on this page provide direct access to request services associated with your Membership in South Dakota 811.

New Member Application

This form allows you to apply for membership in South Dakota 811. With your membership you receive notifications when an excavator is working near your underground utility lines. You can attach your mapping files to the application.

Member Information Update Form

Use this form to update your member information including Utility Types(s), Primary Contact (the contact person responsible for Damage Prevention needs, new features and services and questions regarding membership), Correspondence Contact (the person responsible for questions/concerns with ticket delivery issues), Referral Contact (contact information given to excavators when they have questions regarding your facilities or markings), Billing Contact, GIS/Mapping Verification Contact, Holidays and other days off, Destination of Tickets (member receiving sites), and Emergency/Damage Notifications.

Member Mapping Submission Form

Use this form to update your existing mapping files. We accept several mapping formats, but prefer KMZ or shape files.

Add New Code Form

When you register with South Dakota 811, you are assigned a unique member code that identifies your company in our system and on the outbound locate requests sent to excavators and other utility members. You can choose to have a single member code that encompasses all of your assets, or you can divide your coverage area into multiple groups, each with its own unique code. There is no limit to the number of codes you can register with us. When a new code needs to be created, complete our Add New Code Form and attach the map files associated with the new code

Farm Tap Member

Use to register your Farm Taps with South Dakota811.

Positive Response Configuration Form

Detailed Report Request

Ticket Search